Mightamin is about betterment. The name is a play on words that emphasizes doing something daily. Combine vitamin with a strong word, like mighty, and we end up with Mightamin! Making our daily habits strong and mighty is the goal.


When Covid-19 closed gyms in 2020, Marc's usual routine was upended. Even after buying workout equipment, he could not land on a training program, or find the motivation for at home workouts.

Then came 2 realizations:

  1. I need to post the calendar back on my wall and build another success chain. It worked wonderfully to jump start my training in 2016.
  2. What if I just did one more pushup than yesterday. Everyday. This was the key. Yesterday I did none. Today I'll do 1. By the end of the month, that will be 31 pushups on the 31st.

The challenge was issued.

  1. Chris was in.
  2. A little friendly pushup competition starting on the first of the month.

A successful month one, led to a successful month 2. The challenge was issued to a few others. The difference between those who completed the month, and those that did not was the internal desire. The challenge did not mention using the calendar approach to most people.


  1. Mightamin is our side project, but the lifestyle is ongoing
  2. We want to branch out to really encompass better living everyday, beyond fitness
    1. Mighty Habits
    2. Mighty Fitness
    3. Mighty Meditation
    4. Mighty Focus
    5. Mighty Nutrition